Friday, 2 September 2011

I Finally Lost My Camden Virginity.

It’s true. Despite shortly turning 21 years of age and being an avid fashion follower, I have only just visited the notoriously popular Camden Market and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The endless array of stalls, crammed in to what can only be described as a rabbit warren; bustling with hundreds of tourists and locals alike, weighed down with shopping bags and avidly hunting out the best bargains, caused great excitement for me and you can’t help but get swept up in the miraculous whirlwind that is London’s magic market land.

           The smells from the many food stands all merged in to one, tantalising your taste buds and luring you in to the grasps of the awaiting food connoisseurs, LITERALLY pushing their mouth watering treats at you with a fork. Chinese, Indian, Italian, you name it…Camden has it. For someone who loves food (I think I can definitely put myself in this category) you can sample delicacies from around the world in less than 50 footsteps. AWESOME. My boyfriend and I were drawn to “Dutch Dunkers”, small, pancake like balls topped with chocolate, nuts and strawberrys...Heaven.

Mediterranean Potatoes
Dutch Dunkers
When withdrawing my money from the cashpoint before commencing on my shopping spree, I had images of spending every penny on clothes from quirky little boutiques. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of them and all with rails full of unique and truly fabulous clothing, but I didn't get my purse out once. I think I was without doubt overwhelmed by the atmosphere and extreme nature of Camden town; wanting to see what was around every corner and inside every stall before finalising my purchases. I can assure you that when I next visit (hopefully I will have won the lottery by then) there is no way I will be holding back.

Jewellery Stands
Books, Books and more Books
Childrens Puppets
Hanging Hearts
I did however fall in love with a beautiful “Indian-style” shop that felt like you were entering Aladdin’s cave; it was full of skilfully detailed lanterns, cushions, candles and fabrics in rich colours with gold trimmings, that were just screaming out for me to buy them and give them a good home. I did just that in the form of some patterned, hanging elephants (random, I know).

My Favourite Indian Hideaway
Wandering around the market really got me thinking about fashion and individual style, as Camden is renowned for its unique selection of vintage, retro, gothic…in fact any style of clothing you can think of, drawing in customers with a massively creative and eccentric eye for fashion. I find it funny that we all say that style is a great way of expressing our personalities and showing off our differences, when in fact most of us are guilty at some time or another, of following the “in” trends and falling in to the trap of the massive dictatorship that is fashion.

When my boyfriend came out with the statement “Do you really have a style?” despite initially being hugely insulted, after thinking about it, I guess he was 100% right. I don’t think I could put a name to my fashion choices or put myself in a category, but personally I don’t see why anybody would want to! There are so many amazing garments out there, why limit yourself to just a few by categorically stating “I only wear vintage” or “I only shop in Topshop”. If fashion is all about expressing yourself which I truly believe it is, then don’t hold back just because it goes against everything you “usually wear”…make a statement and try something new.

Aside from Camden being an amazing day out, it opened my eyes to the importance of individuality and just being you. From now on, if I like something…no matter how “out there” and “different”, I’m buying it and wearing it with pride, as a part of me. You should do the same.

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