Monday, 22 August 2011

The Crown Jewels.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, there is something about the transition of the leaves turning from green in to shades of orange and red that excites me…Not only does it signal the coming of my birthday (highly important) but also a big change in the world of fashion; with new styles and colours hitting the runway left, right and centre.

A trend that has already caught my eye for the autumnal period…despite really only being half way through the summer (well England’s excuse for a summer anyway), is the incorporation of jewel toned colours. Nothing screams autumn like the rich shades of Emerald, Teal, Lime, Citrine and sapphire adding an elegant touch to your wardrobe and waving goodbye to the summer months in style.

It makes a nice change for the colder weather not to be weighed down with the usual shades of brown or black and for a bit of something eye catching and oozing with star quality to steal the spotlight. This trend certainly has potential and is one that everyone can adapt in their own way to be in keeping with personal style.

Gucci Fall 2011
Despite Gucci being a classic fashion power house that remains to be the name on everybody’s lips year after year, for me personally it isn’t a massive favourite. However, for Fall 2011, Giannini has excelled herself and created a 70’s time bomb exploding with rich jewel tones. The endless array of lavishly luxe, flowing fabrics, which boast a range of colours fit for royalty, mimic the elegance of the Autumn leaves falling from the trees, spiralling gracefully and weightlessly to the ground. She cleverly mixes the colours together leaving the runway models looking like forgotten treasures in the bottom of an old jewellery box.

Gucci Fall 2011
Gucci Fall 2011
Gucci is just one of many who have jumped on the jewel covered bandwagon; others include the likes of Pucci and Marc by Marc Jacobs. I am in love with this emerald green 70’s style dress, with the colour cleverly complimenting the chosen era perfectly.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011
Pucci 2011
Pucci 2011

I have always wanted a rich Emerald green dress, it has been my dream since my first prom back in 2007 and with it still being unfulfilled, after attending numerous formal occasions…NOW is most definitely the time (and apparently green compliments red hair – so even more of a reason to splash out). Here are some highstreet favourites that will kick start your Autumn in style, in rich shades that will leave you looking and feeling a million dollars.

ASOS £40
Topshop £48

River Island £30
Topshop £38
If colour is not your thing and the prospect of being head to toe in eye catching shades fills you with fear, perhaps try experimenting with luxurious jewellery to achieve the look in a more subtle way

Topshop £5
There really is a shade to suit everyone, so go on, give Autumn a proper greeting and I promise you will look as good as The Crown Jewels.

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