Monday, 12 September 2011

If You Go Down To The Woods Today.

There is something really quite magical and equally eerie about the depths of a forest, that really works well within fashion…especially for this years Autumn/Winter trends. The intense atmosphere of the extreme heights, from the mass of trees and the somewhat speckled sunlight that filters through the branches, contrasts perfectly with the delicacy of the creatures that lie within, to create a picture perfect fashion story.

My interest for the great outdoors and combining nature with fashion was spurred on by recent television series “Dirty Sexy Things”. The programme followed London born fashion and music photographer Perou, taking on several talented models from all walks of life. One photo shoot in particular caught my eye and surprise surprise it was set in a forest! The light was glistening as dawn was breaking and Perou’s team of helpers were pumping mist at the models left, right and centre, to really create a magical atmosphere. The results were OUTSTANDING and the final images made the models look like exquisite woodland creatures.

Since then, I have been flicking through the pages of my latest glossy mags and have fallen in love with so many of the Autumn 2011 advertising campaigns, set within natural locations. I love how Chloe have really captured the beauty of their Fall dresses, using movement. The advert depicts two young women running through the forest, with the colour schemes of the garments mirroring those of the woodland. Similarly, make up is kept to a minimum and hair is long, flowing and wavy to emphasise a natural image.

Chloe Campaign 2011
My favourite however, has to be the advertising by Mulberry. Despite not physically being set in a forest, the theme is without doubt based around nature. The images have such a quintessentially, British feel to them; using “typically” English rose models and animals that would commonly be found within our forests, such as foxes, owls and other small birds. The photographs have a larger than life, almost “Alice In Wonderland” feel to them, with what appears to be the contents of an over exaggerated birds nest, within a quaint bedroom. The choice of props and colours combine perfectly with the clothing, to create a truly stunning and eye catching campaign that screams English Countryside.

Mulberry Campaign 2011
Mulberry Campaign 2011
In keeping perfectly with the concept of nature, fashion has gone wild for incorporating the animal kingdom in to our clothing during the colder months. The catwalks were bustling with such a large array of animals; it could give San Diego zoo a run for its money, proving to be a perfectly wearable trend for all of us avid fashion followers. Givenchy’s collection is a personal favourite of mine, the garments themselves are not to my taste, with large jumpers covered in graphic panther prints, HOWEVER the accessories on the other hand are genius. The panther theme continues in the form of extravagant headwear. The hard “helmet – like” hats covered in rich black and violet velvet are given a touch of the wild side, with overly cute pointy cat ears combined with thick framed “cats eyes sunnies”, creating a truly unique runway experience.

Givenchy Fall'11
Givenchy Fall'11
A perhaps more classic look that is certainly more up my street in terms of appearance, is the 40’s inspired elegant collection at Miu Miu. The beautiful tea dresses are covered in delicate bird detailing that reminds us all why vintage is never far from our hearts. This stunning ASOS dress inspired directly from the runway is an EXTREMELY cheap alternative to the before mentioned designer price tag…well worth delving in to your purses for.

Miu Miu Fall'11
ASOS Dress £18 (sale ladies)
This season wildlife and nature is the way forward…so go out and grab yourself an animal covered bargain as a sure way of getting the magic of the forest, in the depths of your wardrobe.

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