Sunday, 4 September 2011

Going Dotty For Spots

That’s right, spots, dots, polka dots and anything in between are hitting the catwalk BIG STYLE for the Autumn season, so it’s time, FINALLY to make those nautical stripes walk the plank for good…or at least until next year; because dots are in the spot light and turning the fashion world on its head.

There is something about dots that I am wary of and I have always opted for the safety of stripes, in fear of looking like I have run away with the circus. But this season I am more than ready to face the trend head on and go dotty for spots.

Designers have well and truly thrown themselves in to the world of polka dots and the catwalk looked as though a fashion frenzy virus of chickenpox had spread from runway to runway. A favourite of mine was Marc Jacobs incorporation of the trend, creating a classic range of 1970’s inspired garments, in an array of expensively glamorous colours and fabrics. Jacobs has been renowned for using polka dots in some of his earlier shows, go back 20 years, so the collection proved to be a beautiful revival of his previous work. 

Marc Jacobs Fall'11
Marc Jacobs Fall'11
Other designers that can’t go without a mention are the likes of Stella McCartney and Louise Gray. Miss McCartney, being elegant as ever, created a classic collection using mainly the sophisticated palette of black and white. Transparency added a modern twist and successfully merged masculine shapes with feminine. As you can appreciate, the spots and dots were used to emphasise femininity. Louise Gray took a completely different approach to the dotty décor, with bright colours, clashing patterns and eccentric silhouettes creating a knock out show, that can only be described as “eye catching”…we can always rely on Louise Gray for something slightly…shall we say, “different”

Louise Gray Fall'11
Stella McCartney Fall'11
I have already been busy digging out old dotty items from my wardrobe and have even revived an old beach cover up in to an acceptable dress. The shops have all gone potty for dots this season, so there is no shortage of cheap spotty alternatives if, like me, Marc Jacobs is a tad out of your price range.  This Topshop dress is on my MUST HAVE list  when the next pay day comes around, however for the time being, an easy way of inserting polka dots in to your wardrobe, could be in the form of these uber cool tights at only £8!!!

Topshop Dress £60
ASOS Tights £8
Its not only in the way of clothing that dots are taking over, the beauty industry is also having a go. I think that these brilliant nails are a simple and effective way of getting style savvy on a budget, I did my first attempt on my tootsies just the other day and was really pleased with the results.

Spotty Nail Design
My First Attempt (bad photo sorry guys)
I have come to the conclusion that spots don’t have to be daunting and don’t always lead to a look that mirrors that of Coco the Clown…I’ve gone dotty for spots, will you?

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