Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A New Way To Wear Christian Louboutin.

A girls dream is to own a pair of Louboutin shoes…Well mine is anyway (along with a Mulberry bag - for anyone who loves me and has a lot of money! ). However, for this season only the Louboutin trademark is branching out and the well desired shoe designer is collaborating with knitwear extraordinaire Bella Freud, to create a capsule collection based around the latest trend of fetishism.

The talented duo go back a long way and both have great admiration for each others skills. Miss Freud has an interest in making drawings come to life using different medias and in the case of this particular collection,  only the best is good enough, with 100 percent super fine merino cashwool being the selected fabric…fitting for this fabulously fashion conscious duo, I think you will agree.

Bella Freud has admitted to always being fascinated by Christian Louboutin’s sketches, so it was only a matter of time before such a prestigious collection as this was on the market and available for the likes of me and you to purchase. Louboutin himself says, "I have always loved Bella's jumpers, so I couldn't have been happier when she asked me to give her designs which, Bella thought, would look great once knitted"

Louboutin Shoe Rough Sketch
The one off collection will consist of dresses, jumpers and leotards…knitted of course, in blacks and greens, with a touch of glitter and sparkle. Louboutin has provided four beautiful sketches of his dream shoes that will take pride of place on the garments, adding a brilliantly sexy touch. The lust worthy knitwear plays with our obsessive tendencies as women, for all things sex, fetish and shoes…it really is genius.

Louboutin and Freud Jumper £275
So ladies, if you are looking for a slightly more affordable (I say slightly…it’s still out of my student league) way of getting a Louboutin special in to your wardrobes…without having to take out a loan beforehand, perhaps this capsule collection is for you. Jumpers being a lot less pain inducing than 9 inch heels!! Well done Louboutin and Freud…mission successful!

P.S.  just in case anyone out there DOES have a grand to spare and fancies getting me the real thing…take a look at these beauties <3

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