Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Time To Unleash Your Naughty Side.

All girls like to feel sexy right? Well the fashion gods have spoken and this season looking irresistible doesn’t have to be saved just for the bedroom. Our inner sex kittens can be unleashed on the world on a daily basis, according to the designers in the know how, so pull out your lace and leathers from the back of your knicker drawer and get ready to sex it up.

Rubber, leather, transparency, knee high socks and boots... All words, some, including myself, would perhaps describe as trashy and it’s true, this fabulous fetish trend draws a fine line between sexy and outrageously cheap, so getting the balance right is extremely important (unless you like the hooker look). When I think of dressing sexily, I immediately think of black, black and more black, but in this case, designers have opted for hints of colour in shades of deep reds, navys and greens to add understated glamour to an otherwise knock out outfit. Peter pan collars for example, play with this idea of innocence and elegance, whilst unknowingly to us, in Louis Vuittons collection, also mimic that of a nurses outfit…a slightly sexier image.

Louis Vuittons Autumn collection as a whole explores all areas of the term “fetish” and doesn’t fall short of all things sexy. The garments themselves have a definite military feel to them, giving the models an instantly domineering and powerful image. I personally think it’s the accessories that are pure brilliance and create the overall feel to the runway show, with the knee high, heeled rubber dominatrix boots being an instant eye opener and a recurring theme throughout. Over the knee socks play with our imaginations, whilst handcuffs and masks add a certain level of kinkiness that all women desire. Kate Moss was ACTUALLY smoking her way down the catwalk, to add that final dose of sex appeal.

Louis Vuitton Fall'11
Louis Vuitton Fall'11
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci was another amongst the many designers that worked closely with the fetish theme. He used a lot of transparency in his garments that combined with leather skirts and “on show”  black bras for a high sex appeal look…which on paper sounds like it’s heading for disaster, but in reality, his modest shapes and silhouettes added a much needed touch of class, to an otherwise revealing collection. I hate to mention him again, but Marc Jacobs is a prime example of how sexy doesn’t have to mean over the top. He simply uses black spotty tights to catch your attention, which when combined with his figure hugging designs, undeniably scream sexy.

Givenchy Fall'11
Marc Jacobs Fall'11

As you all know, I am a MASSIVE Alexander McQueen fan and will never utter a bad word about the genius behind the brand. However, when coming across a leather harness in the September Issue of Elle I could not help but think, how on earth would this work? And is it, perhaps, taking the fetish trend a little too far? The only words I can think to use to describe it are “terrifying” and “uncomfortable”…but with it being a McQueen piece and having done a little research, I can confirm it does in fact look fabulous (OF COURSE).

Alexander McQueen Fall'11
I haven’t fully thought about how I am going to work this trend yet, but I do own a gorgeous pair of leather shorts and a black sheer shirt that will certainly do as a starting point; this oversized shirt from Asos is a real beaut and ticks all of the right boxes. Over the knee boots are a massive look for the season and if I can master up the courage, I would LOVE to give these Topshop boots a whirl – very matrix-esque I think you would agree.

ASOS Shirt £35

Topshop Boots £85

No woman in their right mind would be able to say no to this seasons sex appeal, but remember the key is not to go overboard, keep it understated, leaving a little to the imagination and let your naughty side come out to play.

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