Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Paint a Pretty Picture...

Just a quick entry, but I couldn’t, not share the recently discovered Pakayla Biehn with you all.

I first heard her name mentioned on the good old Topshop website and after further research I immediately fell in love with the breathtaking imagery and her truly stunning artwork. Her current portfolio that is being showcased throughout the country is entitled “You Should Take Care” and uses beautiful double exposed images, to create a magical outcome that certainly stands out from the crowd.

As a recent graduate, Pakayla Biehnis new to the art scene but has already made a name for herself, seeking inspiration from her own photography, playing with different levels of exposure and capturing moments of natural beauty through the help of her friends as models.

The images use gorgeous colours that reflect the romantic feel of the summer season and at first glance look like awe-inspiring photographic images but; at closer inspection you realise they are ACTUALLY paintings of outstanding creativity and splendour.

Here are just a few of my favourites, but check out her website to keep up to date with up and coming collections . 


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