Friday, 17 June 2011

Hats, Hats And More Hats.

Once again it’s the well renowned week of Ascot where visitors dust off their suit jackets and sport their fancy frocks for the horse bonanza of the year. As we all know this event has turned in to a high fashion occasion, with people going out of their way to find the CRAZIEST hat inventions ever to be seen and no other day is better for style spotting than Ladies Day, which was held yesterday and certainly didn’t disappoint.

Ladies day is probably one of the few occasions that if you don’t go all out with the dress code, you will stand out for all the wrong reasons, causing a massive fashion faux pas…the bigger, brighter and bolder the better.

Incorporating headwear in to our outfits is slowly becoming more and more popular within the fashion industry, whether it be a simple hair clip, a floral headband, a fabulous fascinator or a classic hat; the head is where it's at.

Philip Treacy, a name hot on the lips of anyone in the fashion know-how, has become a recognised figure for his talented skills as a milliner and extravagant design work. As a graduate from the Royal College of Art, Treacy was launched in to a highflying career of style and celebrities, joining forces with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Isabella Blow and even MY HERO Alexander McQueen; as well as winning The British Designer of the Year Award on numerous occasions. It’s fair to say that his hats are second to none and are regularly, proudly paraded at such prestigious events as Ascot.

I personally would jump at the chance to wear such outrageous pieces on my bonnet without batting an eyelid, but as a student with very little money and nowhere fancy and formal enough to go to, I will have to wait my turn for my first Ascot appearance…I don’t think that the streets of Southampton are quite ready yet to embrace me in an extravagant hat. However, here are some of my fashion favourites from this years selection of lucky ladies (I think the milk carton is a clear winner for me).

I say hats off to the gutsy girls…looking forward to next year’s glamorous creations already!!!

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