Thursday, 23 June 2011

Do The Twist.

As fashion followers The Sartorialist is a style bible that regularly occurs on our computer screens and it is certainly saved as a FAVOURITE on my own laptop. Scott Shuman, born in New York is the genius behind this creation, who over the years has built up a strong reputation within the fashion industry, to make this unique blog a success.

For those who are not yet familiar with this prestigious site, Schuman’s career consists of wandering the streets of the world, discovering new styles and telling the story of fashion through the people that know it best… REAL people with a REAL and achievable image.  Sounds like the perfect job to me!

Sometimes we forget where our main source of style inspiration comes from and that it is in fact all around us! That’s right – we all play a part in dictating trends and fads, without even realising it. For many years, fashion was controlled by the catwalk queens, who spat out gorgeous, yet TOTALLY unobtainable couture garments; that not only cost a small fortune but also pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and in any way achievable to the average high street woman. Obviously, with the extreme nature of the industry, this is still ongoing today, giving fashion that sense of magic and sparkle however; over the last few years a new source of inspiration has pushed its way to front of house.

                                      …The High street. The likes of me and you.

That’s right, designers are now sourcing new trends directly from us normal people and so they should! With the recession and in general, NOT living in the dream world of being able to afford the likes of Chanel and Dior; we are being forced to put together outfits that combine trends from this season, last season and even garments from your mums’ wardrobe. This clash of mixing old and new gives a personal and more grounded image, representing a new face of fashion that is beginning to affect the way we think in terms of style. For once the catwalks aren’t completely controlling the nation, but we are beginning to dictate a true sense of unique style to them.

Street style is a growing trend in itself that has stemmed directly from The sartorialist craze, which without a doubt will continue to grow and shape our impression of fashion in the future, check it out for yourself at

P.S the REAL reason why I started writing this post BEFORE I started getting carried away, was to introduce you to the fun world of The Sartorialtwist. It does exactly what it says on the tin, giving us a slightly different twist on Schuman’s original photography. It is truly BRILLIANT and again pushes the boundaries of fashion and personal style. It is WELL worth a look…enjoy <3

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