Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Holiday Happy

So, it’s coming to that time of year again where everyone starts going crazy for a good holiday and most people will do ANYTHING for a golden complexion and all over natural tan…I too am one of those fanatics and for me personally, I cannot think of anything better than discovering new places and seeing the wonders of the world– after all it’s a big place right? It would be silly not to go out and explore it.

Sadly, thanks to dull financial ties, this year I am facing up to my first staycation in years, I can’t say I’m overly thrilled with the concept but who says camping can’t be fun? AND England has some stunning spots that often get overlooked. This however, doesn’t make the fashion countdown to summer and those itsy bitsy bikini's any easier for me; I may not be jet setting around the world, but this doesn’t mean I can’t rock the holiday look with pride…all be it with traditionally English, pale skin.

As previously mentioned bold colours are EVERYWHERE this season and combined with these new fruity prints that I have fallen in love with, I feel they make for the perfect summer outfit. (Stockists: River Island and Topshop)

These exotic patterns would look fantastic whether you are walking down the beach in Barbados or strolling along the coast in Bournemouth; just because I am swapping hot and exotic for quintessential and English, doesn’t mean I have to forfeit my style…and neither do you.

With all the cute and feminine, practical outdoor accessories that are now available on the market, it certainly helps to make camping and English holidays more appealing and I certainly will be getting my hands on a few of these little beauties if my bank balance allows it. (all of the below from ACCESSORIZE)

So…who says that staying at home this summer has to be a bad thing? We often forget just how beautiful our country is and beautiful locations mixed with beautiful British style is a HOT combination – even if the weather doesn’t always agree. 

This summer I am taking a different approach to holidaying and am getting rather excited at the thought of swapping sunning myself by the pool, for walking and exploring. I would even like to give something slightly more adventurous a go…maybe relive my childhood love for kayaking? 

See, staycations really can prove fun AND fashionable. I am thinking the lake district...what about you?

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