Sunday, 14 August 2011

Globe Trotter.

After 4 years of living in Zambia, my cousins finally arrived safely back in England this week… all be it with nowhere to live, no car and all their worldly goods crammed in to 18 suitcases. They had lots of really exciting and eye opening stories to tell from their big adventure, I even tried an African delicacy  and seeing their endless array of traditional African goods really inspired me and opened my eyes to the new native trend for fall 2011.

This season is focusing on Native American style, as well as the prairie girl look…why stop there? There are so many amazing fabrics, styles and interesting textures to explore from all over the globe and Africa certainly doesn’t disappoint.

All Items are personal and some traditionally African goods.

Travelling is so much easier nowadays and is certainly a lot more accessible than it ever used to be, thanks to Mr Easy Jet  (that is if you have the money of course, which with the current climate is a big issue). However, we potentially all have the ability to explore the world, whether it be the coves of England or Down Under in Oz and therefore, the fashion gods from above are incorporating different traditions from around the globe, in to garments on the runway.

Two brands that have been noted to be following this native idea within their latest collections, are famous double act Rodarte and the well known Chloe. Both however, taking a slightly different approach on the concept, with Rodarte looking at the more classic, pretty "House on the Prairie" look with aprons and feminine dresses; Chloe on the other hand incorporating South American influences taken from the likes of Brazil.    

Rodarte Fall 2011

Chloe Fall 2011

With another key look for the autumn being all about eccentric and over the top outfits, with clashing colours and bold patterns, it seems to me that this could indeed go hand in hand with the new native image. Perhaps taking inspirations from various places you have visited around the world and combining them to achieve the ultimate traveller look.

The world is such a big place and I am constantly picking up bits and bobs from the likes of Spain, Australia and Thailand that can be incorporated in to my daily look. Even if it’s something small like a handmade leather bag or some intricately detailed jewellery its guaranteed to spice up your outfit and give an eclectic edge to your image.

If that’s not for you then the highstreet are scattered with gorgeous items from different cultures that will easily lead you in to the Native land. I personally have my eye on trying out a poncho (and hopefully achieving the look without looking like Ugly Betty) or failing that a traditionally patterned shawl.

River Island £25
Topshop £40
Why do your memories of travelling and holidaying have to stop when you step foot off the plane in England, give the Native trend a go and be as extreme and different as you dare to be.

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