Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cakes AND Fashion = Bliss

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good bit of nosh and I have recently become obsessed with baking and making yummy treats for everybody; especially cupcakes – I ALWAYS get carried away with the decorating (and licking the bowl). I would say that eating sugary goods was almost as high up on the list of favourites as my love for everything fashion related. When flicking through the new season of the Elle Collections magazine I was amazed to find that the two had been combined and not only were clothes making it down the runway but astonishingly, mouth watering tiered cakes were also lighting up the catwalk…HEAVEN!

It was all thanks to designer genius Isaac Mizrahi who believes that fashion shows are not what they used to be and don’t have the entertainment and shock value that they did go back a few years, he states "I'm just having fun. And I want you to have fun when you come to my show." He certainly did not disappoint, not only did the dresses match the exquisite detailing on the cakes but he also incorporated cotton candy coloured poodles for that extra bit of show business.

I think you will agree that these 5 star indulgent treats certainly have the wow factor, but definitely put my cake attempts to shame...time to get practicing (maybe after a slice of cake).

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