Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Little Bit Of Sunshine

With winter in full flow, I thought it was only right I brought a little bit of summer and warmth to everyone’s day, so as to help us survive the cold winds, ice and high possibility of snow; reminding everyone that sun, sea and sand DOES still exist. I have spent the last couple of days scrolling through hotel after hotel and numerous airline websites, to book my boyfriend and I a couple of weeks of well deserved rest and reliable good weather this summer and it has got me thinking already about swapping my fur coat and gloves for a bikini and cocktails. So take the time to forget how cold it is outside (even if only for the two minutes it takes you to read this) and embrace the upcoming arrival of the warmer months, in true Sahara style.

With the current climate outside being more closely linked to that of the Arctic rather than the Sahara desert, it can be hard to picture an image of high summer, luckily the ladies of Sex and the City pull off Moroccan glamour like no other, providing the perfect image of inspiration when it comes to turning up the heat in our wardrobes.

With pastel shades seeming to be hijacking our high street at the moment, these warm desert hues act as a pleasant alternative for the summer season. Fabrics are lengthy, layered and heavily draped, combined with evocative colours fit for any sun worshipper. Burnt shades of orange, red and brown are the colours in demand and when combined with gold accessories, an instant element of luxury is added to any outfit…after all, you have to look your best when riding a camel right? With such high impact rich colours, a desert inspired outfit can be finished off with an understated pair of neutral shoes, or even sandals for a day time look.

Numerous designers have caught my eye for this Sahara inspired trend and none other than the brilliance of renowned brand Hermes, who manage to maintain an heir of elegance throughout their collection, using oversized blazers, dropped waists and lady like pleats; all of course in orange sunset hues.

Hermes, Spring/Summer 2012
Hermes, Spring/Summer 2012
Forever searching for new fashion names to follow, this designer really managed to catch my eye…Sonia Rykiel has captured the true essence of Morocco with her sheer, floor length dresses in a modern, yet truly wearable manner. The rich colours work extremely well with each other and are tied together with flashes of classic navy. If I somehow come in to some money before the summer begins, I will without doubt be clearing my wardrobe for both of these desert dreams.

Sonia Rykiel, Spring/Summer 2012
Sonia Rykiel, Spring/Summer 2012
If like me you really are wishing the holiday season was here already and that you were relaxing by the pool reading a gripping novel. Then this swimsuit-esque garment by fashion house Etro will be right up your street. The short shape, combined with the cut out waist line creates understated yet sexy poolside manner, perfect for any water baby.

Etro, Spring/Summer 2012
Although still a little pricey at £115, I have fallen in love with this desert inspired dip dye maxi dress by Evil Twin, available for purchase on the wonders of ASOS. As the summer approaches I am hoping that cheaper, “student friendly” alternatives will be available on the market so as to kick start my Sahara Adventure

Evil Twin at ASOS, £115
It’s time to step out of the ice age and bring on the sunshine.

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  1. What gorgeous designer finds,love the colours of the Hermes collection and the Etro swimwear looks stunning.