Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pretty In Paisley

Ever since I can remember I have always had a thing for different cultures, perhaps it came from my families enthusiasm for holidaying and seeing the world, but in my eyes there is nothing better than taking influences from other countries and applying them in to everyday life. So this season’s trend for spring/summer 2012 has certainly tantalised my taste buds, as we all go crazy for paisley.

I know what you are thinking; paisley reminds you of the white voile curtains that feature in old peoples homes across the country, but I can assure you that the designers haven’t lost their marbles and taken influences from Zimmer’s and bed pans, the traditional print has been given a modern revival, suitable for any fashion forward individual.

The origin of paisley stems from India many years ago and in fact is meant to resemble the seed of the mango fruit. The swirls and curls have been used for decorative purposes, fabrics and even henna tattoos; my old bedroom was COVERED in silk paisley saris (told you I was obsessed), but now its time for the catwalks to be adorned in the eclectic print and I cannot wait to give this trend a go. With bold patterns being a key element of the summer line up, paisley fits in perfectly, bringing a little taste of India to the bright lights of London.

Just this week I visited the renowned Camden Market and was drawn in to…yet again…the many Indian heritage inspired Aladdin’s caves, selling vast arrays of gorgeous fabrics in every shade of the rainbow and MORE. Surprise, surprise I ended up purchasing a beautiful teal handmade patchwork sheet, for only £7.99, BARGAIN. My spending habits aside, everywhere you turned there was paisley, whether it be on a bag, jewellery or silk top this really is a wonderfully feasible trend (as well as affordable) for all.

Indian Fabric, £7.99, Camden Market
There are many ways to wear paisley, from high drama to simple and subtle. If you are opting for a more classic Asian influence, Jil Sander has put together a collection bursting with ethnic elegance; with white fabric and clean cut shapes acting as a blank canvas, for the high drama print to take centre stage. 

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2012 
 If like me and you fear looking like a magic carpet, an all time favourite of mine, Matthew Williamson, has incorporated the paisley pattern in a unique manner that brings the ancient design in to the 21st century. 

Matthew Williamson, Spring/Summer 2012
Matthew Williamson, Spring/Summer 2012
With the high street already having jumped on the bold prints bandwagon, there will be no escaping the summer’s passion for paisley. I love this bright printed playsuit from ASOS, as it really captures the Indian essence in a modern and youthful manner, which would certainly sit proudly in my wardrobe. If you aren’t feeling brave enough to go head to toe in Paisley, there are plenty of accessories on offer… check out this Topshop umbrella, perfect for the upcoming April showers.

ASOS Playsuit, £38
Topshop Umbrella, £15
I have already kick started my paisley collection in the form of an electric blue dress from H&M, its laced sleeves are subtly covered in the Indian pattern, allowing me to ease myself in gently to one of this seasons most daring trends.

H&M Dress, £24.99
There really is a print for everyone, so there is no need to shy away from this distinct and vibrant cultural clashGo ahead and release your passion for paisley.

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