Friday, 15 April 2011

It's a White Wash.

That’s right the moment has finally come for it to be sociably acceptable to stride out on to the high street in head to toe white and NOT feel as though you should be walking down the aisle instead.

It’s time to crawl out of the darkness and step in to the light. Not so easy huh, trust me I KNOW -being a proud owner of a predominantly black wardrobe myself. However, I am actually REALLY excited about this minimal, yet striking fashion movement and can’t wait to get my hands on the white stuff.

High street brands have been subliminally forewarning  us about this trend for weeks now, by slowly taking baby steps in to introducing us to the concept of pastels. But the time has now come for all discretion to be eliminated and you will notice that all of the main fashion competitors window dispays are adorned with nothing more than WHITE, WHITE, WHITE.

When thinking of white, the word minimal instantly springs to mind and naturally the two go hand in hand, with this refreshing summer shade acting as a blank canvas for us to explore. On the catwalk, Celine has done exactly that and created a simplistic, modern, yet smart collection of bright whites. I particularly love the tailored concept as it tears you away from the stereotypical “angelic” look, that comes with wearing such a pure colour.
Popular website, has done their own version of this and I am certainly going to be all over these white shorts when I finally get my hands on some DOLLAH.

My favourite followers however of this seasons "White out" are Dolce and Gabbana; creating feminine and sexy garments that are simply stunning to look at and are full of beautiful detailing that push the boundries of minimalism to their limits.

Sadly, my price range is decidedly less than the above however, I have already made my first "white" purchase in the form of a 60’s style crochet shift dress, from none other than H&M and all for under 20 squid! NOT BAD HEY. So there really is no excuse. If I can do it, we all can…ditch the LBD and I promise you it will be "All White"


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