Monday, 4 April 2011

Dare to be Bold?

So this spring its time to put black to the back of our wardrobes and plunge in to the world of Technicolor, embracing the bold array of bright colours available to us on the high street.

Admittedly I tend to shy away from anything that screams neon, in fact anything TOO colourful in general but strangely enough I LOVE LOVE LOVE this eye popping trend and it really can be worn by anyone.

The brighter the better and the rule that anything goes definitely ties in well here. I love the way Christian Dior dares to mix both rainbow shades with clashing prints to create a really eccentric look that certainly is a real show stopper.

More on my level though (not being one to want to steal ALL of the attention - although a little is always nice) is the Spring/Summer collection by Jill Sanders; incorporating more minimalist shades such as black…that’s right folks a colour we know we can work well…with a vibrant cocktail of in your face colours, creating an overall more wearable look.

Being a bit of a colour virgin myself this whole prospect of vibrancy is pretty daring, but I have fallen in love with this Topshop skirt dress in a beautiful shade of coral…and at only £42 who can say no (bring on the student loan!). The high street are doing some fantastic colourful creations so there really is no excuse not to experiment and work this trend in your own way.

Take the plunge, open your eyes to spring and taste the rainbow.

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