Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Boy (Girl) Battle.

It’s that time of year once again when the old masculine vs. feminine battle rears its controversial head on the catwalk and boy do I LOVE it! Boxy trouser suits square up to the harsh competition of floaty and feminine, at both designer and high street level; but who will win? Let the battle commence…

Hermes, Fall 2012 
Miu Miu, Fall 2012

ROUND 1: (ding, ding, ding) Boy vs. Girl.

When you think about women, the sweeping stereotype would presume that a ladies wardrobe should be full of “pretty” dresses, mini’s, maxi’s and midi’s…in all fairness, mine probably is just that; but since Yves Saint Laurent and his breakthrough with the Le Smoking tuxedo back in 1966, a change has occurred within women’s fashion. This season, more than ever, the trouser suit has made a MASSIVE come back and everyone is after a piece of that masculine flare, created by YSL all those years back. Matching suits, blazers, shirts, collars, braces, ties and brogues…not a collection of words to be associated with your average woman, but for Autumn 2012 dresses are taking a step back (only a small one, I enjoy a good floaty number) as we get the chance to flash our male charm.

ROUND 2: Ties vs. Braces.

Not so long ago, bow ties were all the rage, a rage however that I never managed to get my teeth in to, ever since then I have been waiting for their comeback. Fall 2012 however, has seen the arrival of an EVEN better way to decorate you shirts and collars, this time, it’s all about the Ties…an extremely cheap and uber cool way to update your favourite blouse; think charity shops and maybe even just raiding your dad’s wardrobe. If this is a little TOO masculine for you, try adding braces to your trousers and skirts for a boyish outfit overhaul, with a little added sex appeal…I have dug out an old pair from my fancy dress box!

ROUND 3: Brogues vs. Slippers.

Since brogues made a comeback, I have been searching high and low for the perfect pair to add to my seriously lacking shoe collection (surely I can’t be the only girl that isn’t interested in the latest, most expensive heels and footwear?). Typically a male style of shoe, the brogue has a smart yet chunky appearance, fitting in perfectly with this androgynous trend. Most high street stores offer their own version of the classic style, however, if like me and you have twig-like-ankles that aren’t quite cut out for the heavy brogue design…try the studded slipper. A comfortable and practical alternative that adds a punky edge to any outfit…I got myself a bargain pair from Matalan, that have all the appearance of Topshop, for half the price.

Prada, Fall 2012
Ralph Lauren, Fall 2012

When thinking like a man this season anything goes, trouser suits vary from the traditional (Hermes and Ralph Lauren) to the optical illusion-al (Miu Miu and Prada) and everything in between. For a true androgynous effect, accessorize your outfits with bowler hats, glasses and satchels, adding a smear of red lipstick for that extra touch of sex appeal. The high street is set to be full of manliness within the next few weeks, as the build up to Autumn continues. I particularly love these pencil trousers by ASOS, with the bonus addition of braces to contribute to the boyish charm. Similarly, this beautiful River Island blazer has a real Ralph Lauren feel and coming in at only £30, its one not to be missed.

Tailored Trouser and Braces, ASOS £35

Herringbone Blazer, River Island £30

Being a girly girl at heart, letting go of dresses is always hard…but this season I am willing to man up in the name of androgyny, with masculinity being the true winner of this seasons battle…And the gold medal goes to…THE TROUSER SUIT.

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